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How we helped Hotdesk define and solve problems in their conversion.

Project goals


Increase the conversion rate for booking funnel.


Reflect the international & local feeling.


Create a seamless & to the point experience.

How we managed to define the problems ?

Although we had a bit squeezed deadline, we managed to get some users to conduct usability testing, seeking to get more understanding of the pain points and deeply define the problems in the user interface.


Usability testing

Using different methods for conducting usability testing, we used usertesting tool to get users abroad and understand different cultures, along with conducting in-person tests with local users.

Usability inspection to a deeper level

Taking the usability check to a deeper level, using the heuristics evaluation method, we could find more problems and get more understanding of the product.


Heuristics evaluation

Using the heuristics evaluation method, we actually found deeper issues in the product to solve that may not be seen but actually affects the user experience, then we recommended solutions.

Understanding the market better.

Of course taking into consideration the market is essential to understand the competition and their strategies, maybe get inspired or get an opportunity.


Competitor analysis

The competitor analysis was really helpful in the process, we came up with a lot of opportunities to make better decisions in our design.

Considering the quantitative data

Along with the qualitative data and research, the quantitative data answers a lot of questions, helping in making better decisions and understand the funnel and where the users actually struggle.


Hotjar data

Using a tool like HOTJAR, we could monitor the users’ behaviors by watching heatmaps and funnels, resulting in better understanding to define the problems and pain points.

What’s next !

After having enough data to understand the problem And get a better overview of the market, it’s time to Design a better experience !

Designing a better experience.

Now it’s time to take all the problems and ideate to get out with the right solutions to the right problems.

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