Delicious healthy food, delivered

How we helped Healthy & tasty enhance their product experience.

Design process




UI design

Usability testing

Smooth, friendly and consistent UI

We prepared the magic mixture with care and paid attention to the subtle details of each design element.


2 Steps to locate, we created a very simple way to detect the location with an Interactive map.

Repeat order

For the hate of routine , Smooth & fast way to repeat and modify the daily order food requirements to be delivered without the hassle.

Reward system

Like the gamified way.
More points, more discounts.
in a simple, strong and beautiful reward system.

Order tracking

We made it completely Clear and flexible To track the progress of your order at any step, from placing the order to receive.

Unify the interface elements

We have created a unique and powerful design system that covers and highlights the identity and vision of the product.


Wireframes give us the ability to test our thoughts and brainstorm our ideas ,we tried to make it a hassle free ordering experience through clear button location and navigation.

Information architecture

We organized the steps in a clear and logical way aimed at making the information easy to find with the least amount of effort, resulting in user-friendly, usable product.


The goal is to generate a large number of ideas. Ideation stage is all about laying the groundwork for everything , moving into a smooth and productive design process.

Business & creative strategy

At the very beginning of the project we had a two day long kickoff workshop. It helped us understand the client’s vision, we gathered information about the company, their customers. We created business strategy and creative strategy.

Value proposition canvas

Focusing on understanding our customers’ problems and providing products or services that solve them. We used the value proposition canvas to deeply understand the value our product offers, and raise questions to be validated further with the users.

User persona

We’ve conducted a bunch of user interviews, with some of the targeted users, to uncover the different ways people search for, buy, and use products, so we can focus efforts on improving the experience for real people and use cases.

Competitive analysis

A competitive analysis can help to learn how competitions works, and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competition in the market, and helps finding a distinct advantage.

Usability testing

We conducted user testing to get early feedback from our users, and it resulted in valuable feedback that we used to perform another round of iterations to make sure we overcome usability issues shown in the tests results.

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