Discover the food you love.

Elmenus is a platform that combines as social and personalized to help people discover and order food in the shortest way.

Helping to improvise Elmenus experience

Discover & Define key goals

Interviewing stakeholders is the first letter of our journey to define the product goals, user needs, and to measure the current conversion gaps.

Our key goals

Improving ordering funnel conversion

Collecting the main assets by which we can improve Menus order funnel Listen to stakeholders research on sales team collecting data about the customer, target the right persona and finally track through to close revenue .

Easing the ordering process.

We helped find the easiest , although the simplest ordering experience to always improve users stasifiction . by click of button you can make you order.

Speeding up the process of placing order.

It’s simple few clicks to make an order right ! It’s just that if you are using you are saved data that’s how speed an order is placed.

User journey map

Collect interaction data across the market. Combine, profile and interpret Engage with customer in real time with personalization is a justification to the users motivation and expectations .

Review competition

As menus customers will always struggle between our product and it’s alternative a competition review provides actionable finding to allow us to improve our product.

Deconstruct & audit existing design

Figuring design difficulties to users , set them down and start to put them in problem categories to reshape them in the easiest way for the user .

Identify key problem areas & find improvement opportunities

Regarding the 10 heuristics evaluation of Nielsen It always needs to be visible of the problem recommends a solution to plan on changing it .

Time for the user interface design, based on a design system tailored to match the branding and the functionality needed to make target users’ lives easier

Discovery Screen ( Dish Card )

Foodies always get hungry looking at the dish photo. Passing by more than one iteration we reach the final design to focus on what is important and that what the menus design should focus on the dish platter photo.

Restaurant page

Our iterations leads us to learn what users eye search for, changing and trying to reach the best and reconsider the easiest for the users to have the best experience of a speed and easy ordering process . Finalize the card to have delivery time,rate and fees that’s what the user eyes search.

Rating system

It’s seems useless but actually think about ordering food one or five stars restaurant ?! That’s how the rating system should be easy to use to always improve.

Delivery address

To less hassle, speeding users order by adding the address is just need a confirmation after placing the order .

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