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Whether it’s a new product or an existing one, we need to understand who the users are, what are the problems we’re trying to solve, and what are the main tangible and emotional pain points? Our research helps us to understand the funnel (aka conversion/bounce rates) and the reasons behind these measurements.


Now that we understand who the users are, what their motives, priorities, usage context, and needs are, this is the phase where we start ideating the best solutions based on user research. Whether it’s a new product, website, a new feature in a current product, or it’s just a very simple improvement, here we take it to be prototyped and tested.


The concept is now proven to be successful through test results. Now we start crafting the new app, feature, or modification that we’re doing by architecting the user flow and wireframing it based on research & ideation findings. The visual UI Design layer sure is important but there’s much more to it.


Breaking the ice between man and machine.

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Case Study

Pushing people off the couch and into the real world.

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Case Study

Qatar Foundation's E-Reader for Doha students

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Case Study

Meeting up sellers with buyers.

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Case Study

Easing the pilot’s navigation experience.

Avnav Android app

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We are humans

We are a highly dynamic team of UX Professionals, orchestrated by Abdelrahman Osama. Osama has been a designer by nature since 1999, and a global UX Consultant/Mentor.

We believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. We’re the heart of UX in many startups/businesses globally.

We craft a carefully selected, personalized team for each of our clients as we believe each project is unique in its own way and needs its own special powers.

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