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We start by understanding the business, competitors & our customers needs then set a long-term product plan that achieves the most ROI with the available resources, we've seen alot of startups rise and fall over 18 years and our goal is to help set a business strategy for the whole product sustainability and scalability.


As we researched business needs and defined a strategy, next in line will be user research, as we need to learn who are the users? why they'll use your product or service, and what's their needs and priorities, we'll need to observe, interview users and dig into numbers and analytics to get to learn the users behaviour.


In the Ideation phase we've already set the business strategy and learned about the users needs, now it's time to start sketching out some concepts, we encourage all stakeholders and clients teams to get involved in the ideation process where we start outlining the main concept/solution.


Based on the creative strategy, positioning and what we learned about the users, a product or business brand is one of the most important aspects of how a user/customer feels about a product, what impressions it gives makes all the difference, it's the first touchpoint with the user/customer.


Interaction Design consists of two main elements, the information architecture were we map out all the user roles, screens and user flow within the system, and wireframing all this in a high fidelity click through prototype so we can test it out on web or mobile to get a feel of how the end product will look like.

UI Design

The final touch is adding the visual layer to the wireframes, coming out of the brand visual guidelines a UI must not distract a user from the content or functionality seeked by being simple and consistent, following a solid grid system and typography visual hierarchy, with clear call to actions.


Case Study

Minimal task management App

Yupp App

#Strategy #Research #Branding #IA #IxD #UI #iOS



Case Study

Breaking the ice between man and machine.

Sparky bot

#Research #Branding #Ideation #IA #IxD #UI #Web



Case Study

Pushing people off the couch and into the real world.

web cards

#Research #Branding #Ideation #IA #IxD #UI #HTML5 #web #iOS



Case Study

Qatar Foundation's E-Reader for Doha students

iPad app

#IxD #UI #iPad #Windows8



Case Study

Meeting up sellers with buyers.

Antevz meetup cards

#Research #Ideation #IA #IxD #UI #web #E-Commerce



Case Study

Easing the pilot’s navigation experience.

Avnav Android app

#Branding #IA #IxD #UI #Android


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